A Recap of the 2019 Navigators Conference: Now You Can!

2019 Navigators Conference

Don’t wait – the things you imagined for foodservice data and analytics are here now. That was the resounding theme of this year’s annual conference with topics ranging in foodservice best practices from AI, to how to conduct best in class business reviews. Let's take a moment to recap what went down at this year's Navigators conference.

Real Savings, In Real Time: How a Best-In-Class Foodservice Manufacturer Avoids Profit Leakage

"We pay trade once, and that trade is effectively used throughout our to-to-market strategy" - Matt Stredney

The foodservice GPO space is constantly evolving. Matt Stredney and his team at Conagra knew this was something they had to get in front of to ensure their bottom line wasn’t affected. With the complexities that come with data coming in from a number of different data sources, the opportunity for foodservice trade double dipping continues to be a real threat to CPG manufacturers.

Understanding Foodservice GPO Volumes: A Lesson from the World’s Largest Pork Producer

"It's become much easier to understand why we're winning, and we are!" - Brooks Friedman, Smithfield

With the prevalence of foodservice double dipping, the need to understand your data at a glance is crucial. See how foodservice giant, Smithfield Foods, simplified and organized their GPO and Contract Management Customer data with an eye to identify, eliminate, and prevent duplicate spending.

Keep Your Foodservice Trade Dollars without a Double Dip Lawsuit

Keep Your Foodservice Trade Dollars Without a Double Dip Lawsuit

As we see it, foodservice trade double dipping can be avoided, and instead used as a way to improve transparency and negotiations with your GPO. Even without a system to find double dipping, there are manual ‘sniff checks’ that can be done. From there, find out three low tech ways you can begin to solve this issue.

Excited about Auditing!

Users Weigh In On Next Generation Double Dipping Solution

Last month Tibersoft quietly shipped the next generation version of our double dipping audit solution. But all the important people knew about it – our Audit Users. We had the idea for this version quite a long time ago. Basically, we wanted layer decision making right on top of an analytics tab loaded with audit exception data. But analytics aren’t supposed to do that. They’re supposed to just allow read only access – basically to sit there and look pretty. Ask around. Try to find a big data software solution that integrates the decision making right into the same interface.

Taking on the Education Segment Busy Season

Taking on the Education Segment Busy Season Blog

Every September, the OpTRADE K-12 and College and University segment becomes an accounting nightmare. School operators bring on new distributors, account numbering schemes change, new schools are built, and some districts insist on a new account ID every year. Aside from all this, foodservice contracts generally last only three years. This means that one third of all accounts are changing...