Michelle McCabe
Tibersoft, Director, Marketing
Michelle not only has a passion for Marketing, but is a self proclaimed “foodie” as well. Her experience in B2B Marketing operations, technology & data allows her to speak to the unique challenges foodservice Sales & Marketers are looking to solve. She is focused on helping solve go-to-market challenges and sharing the stories of Tibersoft’s clients.

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A Recap of the 2019 Navigators Conference: Now You Can!

2019 Navigators Conference

Don’t wait – the things you imagined for foodservice data and analytics are here now. That was the resounding theme of this year’s annual conference with topics ranging in foodservice best practices from AI, to how to conduct best in class business reviews. Let's take a moment to recap what went down at this year's Navigators conference.

Navigators Conference

2019 Pentallect Distribution Summit


Conagra Foodservice: Real Savings, In Real Time

Conagra Foodservice: Real Savings, In Real Time Hear how Matt Stredney, Manager Business Development, and the team at Conagra Foodservice stopped reviewing endless amounts of data and started uncovering real savings, in real time to prevent future double dipping.

Real Savings, In Real Time: How a Best-In-Class Foodservice Manufacturer Avoids Profit Leakage

The foodservice GPO space is constantly evolving. Matt Stredney and his team at Conagra knew this was something they had to get in front of to ensure their bottom line wasn’t affected. With the complexities that come with data coming in from a number of different data sources, the opportunity for foodservice trade double dipping continues to be a real threat to CPG manufacturers.


Smithfield Foods: The Right Data Makes For Better Business Decisions

Smithfield Foods: The Right Data Makes For Better Business Decisions Hear how Brooks Friedman, Senior National Accounts Sales Manager at Smithfield Foods, gained clarity and insight into his company’s wealth of data with go-to-market solutions available to any foodservice manufacturer.

Understanding Foodservice GPO Volumes: A Lesson from the World’s Largest Pork Producer

With the prevalence of foodservice double dipping, the need to understand your data at a glance is crucial. See how foodservice giant, Smithfield Foods, simplified and organized their GPO and Contract Management Customer data with an eye to identify, eliminate, and prevent duplicate spending.

National Restaurant Association Show 2019

School Nutrition Association Annual National Conference 2019