Sales Enablement

Be the expert for your customers with impressive location-specific insights to grow your food away-from-home business.

Stronger Sales, Empowered by Data

Tibersoft’s Sales Enablement modules work together to help you achieve greater sales success, delivering efficiencies and insights that allow your sales team to spend more time doing what they do best — generating profit — and less time on admin. The interwoven connectivity of our modular Sales Enablement solution allows for a richer, deeper understanding of your operators, distributors, and the markets they serve through user-friendly data visualization and insights. By supporting stronger sales relationships driven by better-informed, data-backed decision making, our solution lays the foundation for long-term growth and profitability.

Our Sales Enablement solution delivers comprehensive, clean, and clear data at every stage of the sales cycle, from cold call to close, to ensure your sales team has all the information they need to work more efficiently and effectively.

Every Tibersoft module is available as a standalone solution or as part of an interconnected suite. Whether you start with just one module or all five, the experienced data mentors at Tibersoft will guide you through your solution, helping you to get the most from your data through tailored reporting, best practices and more.

What questions can Tibersoft’s Sales Enablement solutions help me answer?

The actionable insights delivered by Tibersoft’s Sales Enablement solutions can help your team better prepare for sales calls and meetings as well as answer questions like:

  • What are my product cross-selling opportunities?
  • What products should I present in a sales call?
  • Which operators have declining volume and warrant a sales visit?
  • Are operators completing orders in volumes that match their stated purchase decisions?
  • What volume of product did specific operators buy last quarter or year? Which distributor and contract did they use?

Sales Enablement Modules

Dashboards & Visualization

Get actionable insights in just a few clicks. Customize your dashboard to dynamically visualize data, giving your sales teams everything they need to work efficiently and effectively.

Operator Review Module

Leverage location-level data to better understand purchase volume by operators and dig deep into the contracted drivers of performance. Understand what products are successful in the marketplace with easy visualization of sales trends.

Direct Sales Module

Easily visualize outbound sales data to better understand distributor purchasing habits and trends. Empower your sales team with up-to-date data on the purchase volume of each distributor, down to the product level.

Authenticate Module

Get verified sales data quickly and accurately with our Authenticate Module. This module leverages sales call data from your CRM system to match actual claim volume against order decisions, validating each sale and allowing your sales team to take action faster.

OPTRADE Active Module

The OPTRADE Active Module delivers unparalleled visibility into transaction-verified operators, enabling you to create more effective target lists for focused sales efforts.

“I regularly rely on Tibersoft for visibility and actionable insights. It has truly helped me become a better detective of my business as a regional manager. It has been a valuable tool for me, and I highly appreciate its capabilities.”

Kristin Gilmore | West Region Manager | Kellogg’s
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