Get the answers you need with Tibersoft’s powerful data visualization platform that quickly and intuitively guides you with transaction-verified, location-level insights.

Getting the answers you seek are only a few clicks away

Given the complexity and chaos of data in the food away-from-home industry, getting insights is crucial to making strategic plans and decisions. Additionally, getting these insights quickly, simply, and accessible to your entire organization is integral to success. Tibersoft’s MyInsights platform allows you to plan and execute against your business goals.


Simplifying the Process for Your Team

MyInsights platform provides a unique framework for understanding tasks and uncovering analytic pain points. Many leading foodservice manufacturers have lots of data, and need ways to get answers quickly and easily when there is a specific job to be done (JTBD) at hand. MyInsights is an intuitive analytics platform that can answer these jobs to be done because it is built with the expertise of the key roles and requirements of food-away-from-home teams in mind. This enhances credibility and deepens understanding of customers’ needs. Here is how:

Effortless Access

Less time spent analyzing and more time actioning, thanks to instant access to crucial information with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for data searches.

Standardized Information

For each Insight, you know what your team is looking at, no matter the location or who’s conducting the analysis. Tibersoft’s MyInsights Library maintains analysis uniformity for consistent insights organization-wide.


Create your own customized Insight that your sales and trade team prioritizes, aligning efforts with organizational goals. Plus customization facilitates easy adoption of the application.

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MyInsights Library

In partnership with our clients, we have built a library of insights that are accessible to their organization. Within a few clicks, they can rapidly drill down to get to the answers they seek to make appropriate and true business decisions. Below are a small sample of the types of insights that are available to you as a Tibersoft client. In addition, our Tibersoft team works with you to create customized solution based on your organization’s goals.

Performance Review

Direct Sales – Four Quadrant

Fast, easy access to a current overview of your sales and quota volume metrics by sales, customer, and product hierarchies.

Topline Insight

In-depth review of both operator and distributor performance; volume metrics for customers, products, and segments versus prior years.

Lost Business View

Gain line of sight to operators who have stopped purchasing a particular category or product over a specified timeline.

Redistribution Trends

Quickly identify how your customers order and analyze overall trends in distribution.

Call Planning

Affinity Cross Selling 

Find locations in your book of business that purchase one product but not other frequently-paired products.

Category White Space

Find locations that do business with you but are not purchasing a specific product or category.

Distributor Void

Compare a distributor’s purchases versus their market competitive set to identify voids for top products in key categories.

Insights Shared by Our Client Community

At Tibersoft, we hear directly from our client community. During a Tibersoft client webinar, one of our sales leader from a major foodservice manufacturer underscored the need for curated insights.

“There’s so much data, so how do we simplify the data that’s out there and put it in digestible nuggets? I think that’s the biggest challenge. There’s so much, but you don’t always need everything that’s in the mix. What does the team really need to go out to make it actionable, and make it effective? Otherwise, it becomes daunting… and it’ll get disregarded. If it’s inconsistent, it’ll be disregarded. We did a good job on that with Tibersoft.”

From Start to Finish:
Critical Steps to Propel Sales Teams to Success


In the competitive sales landscape, each step is crucial in a repeating cycle. Data-driven sales team must navigate through key cycle stages to reach success. From data completeness to transformation, and clarity, every aspect is essential. Without these components and a keen eye on ROI, achieving a high-performing data-driven sales team becomes challenging. Join us on the journey to Foodservice Performance Optimization (FPO).

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