Success Stories

From preventing multi-million dollar trade losses to amplifying sales capabilities, we’re proud to support our clients in achieving impressive goals.

Bringing Big Value to Business Reviews

“We spend way less time in data manipulation, and way more time analyzing. We point the customer to opportunities that they may have, whitespace initiatives that we can create, success stories that we see. Again, all of this is because we now see unique KPIs, unique information in Tibersoft that before that was never available before.”

Accurate, Timely Data Matters - More Than Ever

“Tibersoft has been a tremendous help to us over the years in improving our analytical abilities as well as our abilities to control our trade spending and plan our trade spending. We’ve worked with Tibersoft now, going on almost 10 years. And the sophistication of the tools has grown exponentially.”

Making Data Analysis a Daily Habit

Candy is a master data analyst at McCain – and not just because she’s a great analyst. Candy has just as skillfully used Tibersoft to equip the sales team she serves with the necessary tools to access insights themselves, which allows them to see changes moment by moment and respond right away. Thanks to Candy, access to great insights has gone from a monthly report, to a daily habit, for her entire team.


Our Case Studies

McCormick logo

Professionals at resolving inefficiencies, McCormick’s team wouldn’t rest unless they knew every trade dollar spent was justly earned. With Audit, McCormick was able to identify $1.5MM in trade loss, and successful recouped $250,000.

Kellogg’s sales team of data-driven pioneers uses easily accessible operator data to make the most out of every customer engagement, ultimately uncovering incremental sources of revenue for Kellogg’s.

McCain logo

The customer-obsessed and determined Sales team at McCain radically reduced their time to insight with customer data — allowing them to not only drop the complicated system of enterprise software and spreadsheets, but adopt a more iterative approach to many key activities, from customer engagements to internal business reviews.

Conagra Foodservice Logo

Conagra’s sales team spends a lot of time on the road. Driven and determined to win every sale, they have little downtime, and when that downtime coincides with lack of internet connectivity, it becomes difficult or impossible to reference data in the field. With Tibersoft, the Sales team at Conagra can now focus on making the best use of their valuable selling time.

  • “We use the speed of Tibersoft “in the moment” to answer questions or to see what’s happening in the business. It’s not unusual for me to crack Explore open during meetings and give answers in real-time.”

    Paul Gere
  • “Foodservice challenges have to do with the complexities around making sure we're getting accurate, timely data in a way that we can manage it, dissect it, and analyze it. We finally feel we've gotten to a place where we've got a lot more control of our data and the information we need.”

    Jim Kinnerk
  • “With Tibersoft, you can provide harder numbers and statistics on why your customer should take action. Not only is it just good for us, but explain why it’s good for them, and it’s how we win together.”

    Dan Johnson
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