Finance & Trade Optimization

Dollars lost to duplicate claims don’t have to be lost. Make every trade dollar count towards sustainable and profitable growth.

Optimize your trade spend through data clarity

Ensure your trade investment is working optimally for you with Finance & Trade Optimization software solutions from Tibersoft. Our Finance & Trade Optimization solutions deliver processed and mastered data to manufacturers in just 48 hours from receipt, allowing for quick, clear visibility into where trade dollars are being spent, whether claims are valid or double-dips, and the profitability of each customer. Our industry-leading turnaround time puts you ahead of claim correction deadlines, resulting in fewer write-offs and reduced expenses. Through total clarity into your spend and its efficacy, Tibersoft’s solutions can help you make more strategic decisions about your investments.

The experienced data mentors at Tibersoft will guide you through each module, helping you to get the most from your data through customized reporting, best practices and more.

What questions can Tibersoft’s Finance & Trade Optimization solutions help me answer?

The actionable insights delivered by Tibersoft’s Finance & Trade Optimization solutions can help you and your team answer and address questions like:

  • Is the trade claimed for this case valid, or is it a double-dip?
  • Which customers are receiving the appropriate level of trade, and where are we over-spending?
  • How profitable is this customer?
  • What’s the average claimed trade rate for a certain product in a certain segment? Is it the appropriate level of investment?
  • Should a new operator trade program be approved? What level of trade is appropriate for the size and type of opportunity? Is the operator a member of a GPO? Is the operator already receiving trade under an existing program?

Finance & Trade Optimization Modules

Audit Module

Quickly and easily identify instances of double-dipping where trade is being paid more than once on the same physical case. By giving users the information necessary to stop double-dips, our Audit module empowers manufacturers to realize cost savings that can be dropped to the bottom line or re-invested to grow their business.

Distributor Review Module

Tibersoft’s Distributor Review Module helps set the stage for more effective distributor negotiations and drive decisions to optimize trade spend. Get superior visibility into the street vs. contracted split in volume by distributor and assess net sales performance at every level.

Deliver Module

With our industry-leading 48-hour claims processing turnaround time, Tibersoft’s Deliver module reduces deduction days outstanding and tightens accrual periods. Tibersoft will send processed and mastered data extracts directly to your existing systems, making it easier to efficiently and effectively clear deductions and pay claims.

Operator Review Module

Reduce the likelihood of approving an operator already claiming under another trade program. The Operator Review Module provides insight into claims, contracts and sales trends, allowing you to make better-informed, data-driven decisions on new trade deal approvals.

“Tibersoft has allowed us to gain further insights of where our trade dollars are being spent and how they are being used and to be more effective with our trade dollars, recoup some of those dollars that were being less effective or being paid down twice for the same program.”

Justice Wolcott | Sr. Director of Finance | Lamb Weston

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