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Get connected into Tibersoft’s leading-edge technology, where raw information is transformed into powerfully clear, transaction-verified location-level insights.

Transaction-Verified Data & Analytics: A Single Source of Truth

The infrastructure of the foodservice industry is complex, making it hard for manufacturers like you to gain visibility. As your trusted data mentors, Tibersoft takes on the Herculean task of gathering verified data and analytics across multiple sources and transforming it into actionable insights.

Our Explore software solution provides an analytics platform while our powerful OPTRADE database unlocks insights to help you grow your business profitably and sustainably. Together, Explore and OPTRADE form the backbone of our solutions, curating accurate, timely information into a Single Source of Truth across your foodservice marketplace.

What challenges are you facing?


ERP, CRM & TPM solutions solve some problems, but lack the location-level operator data required to understand end customers and optimize your business.


Constant change, like members switching GPOs, means information is often out of date or completely incorrect.


Claims are overstated with duplicates from double-dips and stacked trade deals, leading to inaccurate volume and financials.


Non-automated methods of processing claims data can create delays in obtaining visibility.
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Start to Explore Faster, Easier Foodservice Analytics

Explore is a one-stop, intuitive analytics tool integrated with OPTRADE, the industry-leading operator database. Explore makes it fast and easy to identify trends and better understand your business landscape. Your dashboard is curated to your business’s needs, with custom sales and product hierarchies. Share insights with anyone in your organization with access and export when needed.

OPTRADE: The Foodservice Industry’s Most Powerful Operator Database

Take your seat at the table and benefit from the knowledge of the entire industry. The OPTRADE database is the industry’s most powerful operator community, made up of foodservice manufacturers like you.

OPTRADE gathers together and connects operators, GPOs, distributors and other sales intermediaries, making it easy for Tibersoft clients to immediately see purchasing behaviors between each. By sharing this valuable operator data within our Tibersoft community, we empower our clients to gain economies of scale for faster business growth.


The OPTRADE Advantage

Accurate Operator Identification

With 20MM rows of trade claim data added each month, OPTRADE can identify millions of locations and know exactly who your customers are. OPTRADE traces the sales path from the manufacturer to operator ship-to locations.

Real Volume & Trade Dollars

In overlapping promotional situations, OPTRADE cleanses claim data to determine de-duplicated operator volume and sales dollars. Manufacturers get the most accurate performance information to grow your business and measure success.

Transaction-Verified Data

Ensure the performance you see is the performance you’re achieving. Each week, OPTRADE uses real transaction data to accurately calculate relative purchase power, contractual preferences, and distribution and GPO affiliations.

Fast & Flexible

No more waiting weeks or months to access the value of your data. Unlike other systems, OPTRADE processes and updates claims data within 48 hours of receipt, so you can quickly access your data and act proactively.


Tibersoft’s experienced team of data experts is here to help you optimize your solutions and get the most from your data.


Our dedicated Client Success Managers work closely with you to understand your business, coach you on using the Tibersoft platform, and guide you toward best practices to maximize your success.


Our master Data Management Team works proactively to ensure you’re getting the best possible performance from your solutions.


The Tibersoft team is here for you at a moment’s notice — just contact our Customer Support team to receive quick, personalized assistance.


As a Tibersoft client, you’ll take your seat at the table alongside peers in the foodservice industry, and enjoy opportunities to share knowledge through online and in-person events.

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