The foodservice GPO space is constantly evolving. Matt Stredney, Manager Business Development, and his team at Conagra Foodservice knew this was something they had to get in front of to ensure their bottom line wasn’t affected.

Celebrating nearly 100 years, Conagra Foodservice manages some of the most notable, best-in-class brands in North America including Chef Boyardee, Orville Redenbacher’s, Hunt’s and Pam.

So how does profit leakage affect your bottom line? With the complexities that come with data coming in from a number of different data sources, the opportunity for foodservice trade double dipping continues to be a real threat to CPG manufacturers.

In order to uncover real savings, in real time, Matt and the team at Conagra looked to the Audit Module of Tibersoft Explore and quickly noticed results:

Reviewing of Endless Amounts of Data Stopped

The team was able to easily flag double dips in the system and perform a quick refresh to ensure the double dipped has stopped.

The Team’s Level of Comfort Has Increased

Double dips are no longer a stressor regardless of their origin – whether a concurrent billback from a distributor or an operator claim – the team finds relief knowing it’s taken care of. Conagra now pays trade once and knows that it is being effectively used throughout their Go-To-Market strategy.

Real Savings, In Real Time

With the ability to prevent double dipping by applying rules to future claims, there is no need to recreate the wheel each and every time. Conagra uses Audit to short pay invoices, allowing for real savings, in real time.

While the data analyst function is ever growing within foodservice, not all manufacturers have a team readily available to process double dipping. According to Matt, a system like Tibersoft’s Audit Module can help support this, “it’s very helpful for lean organizations where resources devoted to Audit may be scarce.”

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Matt at our Navigators Conference last September, where he discussed his experience with Tibersoft Audit to reduce foodservice double dipping.