4 Reasons Food Manufacturers Need Location Level Insights

Is your foodservice manufacturer sales team competitive in a modern marketplace? Location-level insights are essential to effectively compete in today’s marketplace. They allow you to take a more targeted approach to optimizing sales performance, growing the business, and creating a culture of sales accountability. What are location-level insights? Briefly, they are insights about the physical operator locations (also often referred...

How Foodservice Manufacturers are Rethinking Their Approach to Growth in 2023

Most people are weary of hearing the words “pandemic” or “recovery,” but in foodservice, the impact was outsized and long-lasting, and it triggered permanent shifts in the industry. This year, however, we’re hearing from clients that rather than managing post-pandemic shockwaves, the industry is finally focusing on new growth. To be precise - sustainable, profitable growth. Before we explore how...

Why Data Driven Transformations Fail in Foodservice Manufacturer Sales Teams

Data is not valuable unless you (or your machines) are able to make better and/or faster decisions than you could without it. This is a fundamental truth, a first principle, that every organization ought to keep top of mind when formulating their data strategy. If the data is sitting in a data lake and no one is touching it and...

Real Savings, In Real Time: How a Best-In-Class Foodservice Manufacturer Avoids Profit Leakage

"We pay trade once, and that trade is effectively used throughout our to-to-market strategy" - Matt Stredney

The foodservice GPO space is constantly evolving. Matt Stredney and his team at Conagra knew this was something they had to get in front of to ensure their bottom line wasn’t affected. With the complexities that come with data coming in from a number of different data sources, the opportunity for foodservice trade double dipping continues to be a real threat to CPG manufacturers.

Keep Your Foodservice Trade Dollars without a Double Dip Lawsuit

Keep Your Foodservice Trade Dollars Without a Double Dip Lawsuit

As we see it, foodservice trade double dipping can be avoided, and instead used as a way to improve transparency and negotiations with your GPO. Even without a system to find double dipping, there are manual ‘sniff checks’ that can be done. From there, find out three low tech ways you can begin to solve this issue.

Excited about Auditing!

Users Weigh In On Next Generation Double Dipping Solution

Last month Tibersoft quietly shipped the next generation version of our double dipping audit solution. But all the important people knew about it – our Audit Users. We had the idea for this version quite a long time ago. Basically, we wanted layer decision making right on top of an analytics tab loaded with audit exception data. But analytics aren’t supposed to do that. They’re supposed to just allow read only access – basically to sit there and look pretty. Ask around. Try to find a big data software solution that integrates the decision making right into the same interface.