Data Management & Delivery

Where superior data clarity begins.

Without clean, complete and accurate data, there is no foundation upon which to build insights — and therefore no strategic, evidence-based action to grow your business. Tibersoft’s Data Management and Deliver services ensure the actionable insights you glean from our solutions are powered by clean, complete, and accurate data.

Data Management takes the time- and resource-consuming process of managing claims data off your plate, alleviating the many headaches that can come with handling multiple data sources, systems integration, IT resourcing, and other common pain points.

The Deliver service offers an industry-leading 48-hour turnaround time on data processing and mastering, delivering your data via the platform of your choosing by seamlessly integrating with your existing TPM, ERP, and BI systems.

What does Tibersoft’s Data Management & Delivery solutions do for me?

Every Tibersoft client receives powerful data cleansing and mastering services. All Tibersoft solutions are made possible by Data Management; the actionable insights delivered by our platform are born from the well of clean, accurate and complete data the Data Management process provides.

While Data Management is the backbone of Tibersoft’s solutions and services, our Deliver and Data as a Service (DaaS) offerings represent methods of receiving and analyzing your newly cleansed and mastered data. Explore our Data Management & Delivery Services in greater detail below.

Data Management & Delivery Services

Data Management

As a prerequisite for all other Tibersoft solutions, our data experts cleanse and master your raw data, making it usable by our platform and your systems. Your clean, complete data will then feed your Tibersoft modules, populating your customized reports that deliver actionable insights for strategic decision making.


After your data has been processed, cleansed and mastered, Tibersoft will send data extracts directly to your Trade Promotion Management (TPM) systems. Our Deliver offering helps to streamline your internal operations by making it easier to efficiently and effectively clear deductions and pay claims through our fully-automated processing.

Data as a Service

Through our Data as a Service (DaaS) offering, Tibersoft sends extracts of your cleansed and mastered data to data lakes, allowing you to integrate and perform your own with our sources and perform your own analysis and reporting. Want to consume your data insights through a specific platform or system? Instead of un-analyzed data, we can send insights to you to parse in your BI platform, reporting system, or other system of your choice.

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