Make Every Trade Dollar Count

Dollars lost to duplicate claims don’t have to be lost – they could be driving more volume or adding to your bottom line.

Monitor, prevent, and analyze your trade claim double dips across your entire foodservice business, so no trade dollar is wasted.


Actively Monitor and Take Action Against Trade Loss

  • Concurrent double dips – catch trade loss when a single operator or distributor submits duplicate claims
  • Claim-to-claim double dips – Catch trade loss when claims on the same location and same case of product are submitted by multiple operators or distributors
  • Submit claim approvals and rejections directly to yo

Prevent Trade Loss Before It Occurs

  • Analyze your GPO member lists and proactively prevent trade loss before it occurs
  • Prevent Operator Ship-To Locations from being claimed by more than one CMC or GPO
  • Prevent Operator Ship-To Locations with direct trade deals from also being claimed by a CMC or GPO

Analyze and Understand Your Trade Spend

  • Automate your claims processing pipeline
  • Eliminate the week – or month – long delays for business users to analyze claims data
  • Create Draft Claims so your direct deals are in the same place

Audit Module Highlights:

Claim Analysis Icon

Claims Analysis

Better understand your trade spend by analyzing your claims in an intuitive framework.

Identify Double Dips – Operator Shipping Identification

Identify Double Dips Within and Across Operators

The OPTRADE database connects all of your Billback and Rebate claims back to a single ship-to location, allowing you to identify duplicate claims across GPOs, CMCs, Operators, and Distributors.

Address Concurrent Bill Backs

Memberlist Research

You can analyze your memberlists against our location database, allowing you to identify opportunities to prevent trade loss by segment, region, operator, and program.

“The use of Tibersoft and as well as working with their team has allowed us to gain further insights of where our trade dollars are being spent and how they are being used. It has allowed us to be more effective with our trade dollars, as well as, being able to recoup some of those dollars that were being less effective or being paid down twice for the same program.”

Justice Wolcott | Sr. Director of Finance | Lamb Weston

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