Chris Hart

Tibersoft is excited to announce that our Vice President of Engineering, Chris Hart, will be competing on Chopped Grill Masters tonight at 10pm EST on the Food Network. Chris is not only an amazing software developer and an integral part of Tibersoft iQ, he is also a barbecue enthusiast. He has won many competitions and cooked in the James Beard House a few times. Chris is even the co-author of Wicked Good BBQ. Although this is his Chopped debut, we don’t think this will be the last of this fierce competitor. We wanted to get inside the head of Chris’s alter ego, so we asked him a few questions…

What’s your BBQ inspiration?
Winning. I am very competitive and love to win. It is always good to do things well.

What advice do you have for brisket barbecuers around the world?
1. Meat Selection. I recommend a whole brisket with the fat. Fat is our friend.
2. Make sure you are cooking very consistently and at a low temperature in the smoker. You don’t want to dry the brisket out.
3. Don’t over season the meat. You don’t want to take away from the flavors of the meat.

What is your greatest BBQ accomplishment?
I would have to say winning the 2009 World Championship of BBQ at the Jack Daniels Distillery. I competed against 100 teams from around the world.

If you could cook for anyone dead or alive, who would it be?
I would cook for Ted on Chopped. All of the judges tried my food but Ted unfortunately did not.

How did you get into BBQ?
I used to be in the restaurant business but I left and came to software. I missed food and found myself going to a competition where I tried food, cooked, and won a trophy. I got hooked.

What’s your favorite thing to cook?
I don’t really have one favorite thing. I would say brisket, lobster, and whole fish.

Tune in to the Food Network at 10pm EST to find out if Chris will be Chopped. You may also vote for him in the Fan Poll.