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Our journey over the last 20 years has included every point along the foodservice supply chain


No, we did not start in a garage – but at least garages usually have a window. Thankfully, we quickly grew out of that cramped basement office. Our journey over the last 20 years has included every point along the foodservice supply chain: operator, distributor, and manufacturer all.


Although our solutions have evolved from e-commerce (we created the original Internet order entry system for a very large distributor in Houston) to go-to-market solutions, our mission has always been the same; Use data to bring the foodservice channel closer together to better serve the consumer.

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In June 2017, Tibersoft became an independent operating company of Constellation Software (TSX:CSU), providing us the financial backing to focus on long-term client innovation, and solving challenges specific to the foodservice industry. CSI is a global provider of vertical market-leading software, and as a part of the Cultura Technologies family, we are focused on organic and acquired growth within the agri-food sector.


  • Mary Wilson
    Mary Wilson President & Founder

    Mary’s expertise lies in leadership, strategic development, and implementation. As the President & Founder of Tibersoft, Mary has been ensuring the best value for Tibersoft clients and stakeholders.

  • Suzanne Cwik
    Suzanne Cwik Director, Professional Services

    Suzanne leads our Professional Services team. She has 10+ years in Foodservice CPG, both on the manufacturing side and now in technology with Tibersoft. With her background in Sales Strategy and Trade, Suzanne relies heavily on data and analytics to meet client needs.  She works to ensure every client can effectively leverage Tibersoft—both our Explore software and our managed services—to meet their business goals.

  • Craig Howard
    Craig Howard Director, Development

    Craig knew he would work with computers even in his childhood, typing in source code from computer magazines for video games. He’s come a long way since then, keeping up with not only the latest technology but also the processes that make it easier to innovate like Agile. Implementing this at Tibersoft means clients can trust our developers to deliver their secure and complex solutions on time.

  • Michelle McCabe
    Michelle McCabe Director, Marketing

    Michelle not only has a passion for Marketing, but is a self proclaimed “foodie” as well. Her experience in B2B Marketing operations, technology & data allows her to speak to the unique challenges foodservice Sales & Marketers are looking to solve. She is focused on helping solve go-to-market challenges and sharing the stories of Tibersoft’s clients.

  • Viola Corbett
    Viola Corbett Director, Development

    With Tibersoft since 2000, Viola oversees all aspects of quality assurance and product support. With a keen eye for detail, she is involved in every step of the QA & support process. From the moment the data is received and transformed, through to when it is displayed within Tibersoft’s Data Marts, Viola sets the bar when it comes to the high standards Tibersoft clients expect.

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin Managing Director, Food Technology Group

    Chris’ 20+ years of experience have shaped the foodservice technology industry. As an original founder of Tibersoft, Chris now leads our Food Technology Group, responsible for creating long-term partnerships and acquisitions in the vertical. This allows all the companies to gain new capabilities, that are passed on to you.

  • Cassandra DesRochers
    Cassandra DesRochers Sales Account Manager

    10+ years of progressive sales & marketing experience as a top performer and leader in the food manufacturing industry. From selling Cheerios into retail accounts to managing enterprise solutions, Cassandra has enjoyed building long-term relationships in the industry. At Tibersoft, Cassandra is focused on removing client paint points with the right solutions to sustainably grow their business.

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