It may have come as a surprise to his many friends and contacts in the foodservice industry when veteran Tim Rech was engaged by Tibersoft in January. To Tim, it was a natural and exciting leap. “I had retired after almost four decades in foodservice and had no intention of taking a new job.

“But what I found intriguing was the opportunity to help Tibersoft articulate the solutions they deliver and influence their sales, marketing and technology development to better service clients.  It’s invigorating to jump into a completely different aspect of an industry I know so well.

I understand the types of information their manufacturer clients are looking for and how they want to see it.  Although listed as a business consultant, I guess my unofficial title is ‘bridge builder,’ as I saw a role for myself in bridging the gap between what technology has to offer, and what the foodservice clients’ sales, marketing and operations functions want.”

Credentials and credibility are strengths that Tim brings in spades to Tibersoft. “I spent the first 10 years of my career in restaurant operations. I worked in commercial restaurants as well as in the non-commercial channel –and was responsible for achieving P&L targets.”

“I enjoyed the restaurant business but wanted a different career path and was able to make the transition to the manufacturer side where my experience as an operator was particularly valued.  I worked for Oscar Mayer/Kraft Foods for 16 years in multiple marketing and business management roles.  I managed several different product categories at Kraft including protein, dairy, grocery and new products.”  In 2010 Tim joined Smithfield Foods working in marketing and sales most recently leading the foodservice non-commercial sales team.

To be clear, I’m a business person at heart and the most pressing and challenging question I would face was ‘how do I grow my business?’ Tibersoft can help their customers understand how their business is performing today and most importantly show them opportunities to grow their business.”

“At the end of the day, there are many different data resources/services available to manufacturers. I hope that my background and experience can help Tibersoft stand out from other suppliers and deliver solutions and support that better align with the needs of their manufacturer clients. It certainly helps that I used Tibersoft’s solution in my past life, but I’m beginning to realize how much I didn’t know about it and how it can be leveraged.”

“Let’s face it. In this post-Covid world we are increasingly being asked to do more with less. Manufacturers can’t just tell their sales team to ‘go sell more bacon’ and hope that they find the right customers. They need specific information that helps focus sales against customers with the greatest opportunity and the highest potential for success. Tibersoft possesses the data in its OPTRADE database that manufacturers desire to grow their business.”

Tibersoft’s GM, Mary Wilson, summarized the advantages to clients, noting that “We have the data, the foodservice experience of Tim and our other resources, and can make it all come together to deliver actionable-insights and a clear view of our clients’ business, to power their growth.”

Adds Tim, “I’ve been at this for a long time; I’m looking forward to ongoing dialogue with existing and new clients about harnessing the power of Tibersoft.

Tim is soon hosting his first Industry Webinar, and sharing his four decades of experience and unique perspectives on the business challenges facing operators. Registrations are now open for this high-level session, complete with live Q&A. Click here to learn more.

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