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Craig Howard

Craig Howard portrait

Craig knew he wanted to work with computers ever since he was little, typing in source code from computer magazines for video games. He's come a long way since then, keeping up with not only the latest technology but also the processes that make it easier to innovate like Agile and Scrum. Implementing this at Tibersoft means clients can trust...

Dominic Puleo

Dominic P

There's no doubt about it - Dominic is an OPTRADE guru after spending 20+ years with Tibersoft. He's been with us since a few years after Tibersoft launched! Since then, he's been everyone's right-hand man.  As a complete expert in foodservice data, he is a master of data mastering. Dominic is the superstar you need to make sense of your...

Angela Cummings

Angela Cummings

Angela joined Tibersoft after 10+ years in the foodservice CPG world on the manufacturer's side. She brings a fresh perspective in supporting clients with their analytics, having walked miles in their shoes. With a keen sense for data, she rapidly brings value to her clients by showing them new and exciting ways to tackle their problems to have a successful...

Alex Drake

alexdrake rnd

Alex has over 20+ years in foodservice technology. His specialty is in direct sales and audit, as he can help you quickly identify double dips that are wreaking havoc on your trade budget. His deep understanding of the data means that you can focus on getting the results you need to uncover and recover your bottom line.

Beth Madore

bethmadore rnd

Beth has extensive experience in the collection and analysis of foodservice data. She has been with Tibersoft for over 15 years.  Beth excels in helping clients like you to bring data sources online, integrate the data into your organization and build the discipline and best practice business processes for getting the most from this valuable asset.

Suzanne Cwik

suzanne cwik

Suzanne leads our Professional Services team. She has 10+ years in Foodservice CPG, both on the manufacturing side and now in technology with Tibersoft. With her background in Sales Strategy and Trade, Suzanne relies heavily on data and analytics to meet client needs.  She works to ensure every client can effectively leverage Tibersoft—both our Explore software and our managed services—to...