Seeing bright sun here in the Boston for the first time in days, the ‘New Bunch’ had lunch with Mary Wilson and I. This picture was taken outside of Tomasso – TripAdvisor’s #1 in Southborough, MA. Boston is a competitive job marketplace so we always ask new employees ‘why did you choose Tibersoft?’ The answers all themed around a sense that we’re dedicated to our craft and our clients and using the latest technology and development process. That dedication will be valuable as Tibersoft Explore software usage surged 25% in just the last month!

Starting on the left: Niteen Shendye – DB Developer, Mark Grampetro – DB Developer, Shobini Job – QA, and Samantha D’Ascanio – QA positioned between Mary Wilson and myself. Welcome, we’re very glad you’ve chosen Tibersoft.