Every September, the OpTRADE K-12 and College and University segment becomes an accounting nightmare. School operators bring on new distributors, account numbering schemes change, new schools are built, and some districts insist on a new account ID every year. Aside from all this, foodservice contracts generally last only three years. This means that one third of all accounts are changing hands at the beginning of every school year. The result is that countless new aliases are generated every September, challenging any accounting system.

When a management company takes over a new account, the first order of business is to start with a fresh distributor account number. That new alias, in a Tibersoft scenario, appears in the rebate or billback claims data. When this is happening across the entire segment the end result is something like a giant digital blanket of woven digital account numbers constantly fraying at the edges. If it is your job is to sew it back up, you want OpTRADE Data Management Team working for you so the Audit, Operator Purchase, and OpID White Space tabs are accurate.

Tibersoft has been building Location Mastering matching algorithms and data cleansing workflow for over 20 years. When the confusion of a new school year ensues, users will notice pockets of education segment locations that are inconsistant. But this temporary chaos should calm down by the end of October as the OpTRADE team goes to work researching all the aliases and mapping them back to their correct master locations and districts.

If you have any questions, send your question over to Dominic Puleo dpuleo@tibersoft.com

Thanks, Chris