Analytics is so a broad term that many think of it this way: ‘Show me what your analytics can do for me and maybe I’ll like it.’ Tibersoft was the first to bring a complete double dipping analytic solution to the market. And cumulative findings are now over $100M.

But what if you’re just getting started in foodservice. Yes, you want promotional rules of the road enforced but there is no leakage regarding location eligibility with trade programs that haven’t even been put into the field yet.

As the aggregate Tibersoft client dataset grows, it turns out that another great use of our OpTRADE transaction-updated operator database is knowing who your operator customers are and who are not. ‘White space’ comes in two flavors: category white space is selling more products to existing customers, and location white space is finding operator locations that don’t buy anything yet from your organization.

When Lisa Fisher left a much larger CPG organization, for an explosive growth opportunity at Chobani, she didn’t need double dipping analytics. What she needed was a current view of her business through distribution into her operator customers’ locations. Operators in the non-commercial segments were all over her clean yogurt products and she needed to have ‘eyes and ears’ to manage distribution, leverage her broker relationships, and incent her team: generally, to manage the business.

After presenting at IFMA President’s Conference last November, we decided to also shoot a series of interviews which evolved into the Chobani case study video above. If prioritizing and managing growth is important to you, maybe you might like this part of our analytics capabilities.