Foodservice Experts to Shape Industry Best Practices and Tibersoft Solutions on September 26th, 2018

Tibersoft is excited to announce Delta Associates (“Delta”), a best-in-class training, and certification program for CPG professionals, as the co-facilitator of the data visualization workshop taking place at the 2018 Navigators Conference. The facilitators, Steve Gerst, Principal, and Kristie Sanders, Principal, bring decades of CPG and foodservice experience, specializing in data-driven decision making for Delta.

Most organizations consider data a strategic asset, yet many associates regurgitate what the numbers ARE and not what the numbers MEAN. Delta teaches professionals to mine data for golden nuggets and transform the insights into short and powerful selling stories. This results in high-value business conversations that improve the speed and quality of decisions.

“Our collaboration with Tibersoft allows us to move the foodservice industry further into appreciating the value of data, allowing for better and faster business decisions,” said David O’Neil, Principal, Delta Associates. “The lab portion of the session allows attendees to apply different types of data visualization techniques to Business Management Questions™ they are looking to answer.”

“Working with Delta Associates allows us to put into practice best-in-class data visualization techniques for our clients. Together, we will develop visual templates to create compelling business stories within the Tibersoft Explore solution,” said Chris Martin, President, Tibersoft.

The 2018 Navigators Conference is an annual event, bringing together foodservice professionals across Sales, Marketing, Trade, and Finance. Taking place September 26th, 2018 in Chicago, IL, attendees can expect to chart the right course for their go-to-market-strategy and address foodservice trends and challenges with their peers. To register, please visit


Since 1995, Delta Associates has worked with over 500 companies and thousands of associates to improve business analytics, sales, category management, marketing and merchandising capabilities. Delta offers best-in-class training and certification programs that empower CPG professionals and organizations to think analytically and communicate clearly. To learn more visit


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