One constant over the past decade has been a consistent uptrend in the quantity of foodservice data available to manufacturers and the tools to store and manage it. However, simply having a large volume of data does not guarantee success in extracting valuable insights. In fact, the more data you have available, the more difficult it becomes to find information that is accurate, relevant, timely and actionable.

Many organizations are creating ‘data lakes’ to store and make the data available to their organization and those data lakes are filling up fast! One of our long-term clients recently said to me “it used to be that I was thirsty for data, now I feel like I am drowning in it”.  Playing with the “lake” analogy, you might say that in order to find actionable insights in a data lake, you need to go fishing. And much like fishing, being able to successfully extract insights that drive more profitable business decisions requires the right equipment, expertise, and strategy. Likewise, Tibersoft offers foodservice manufacturers the right rod, bait, hooks, and a boat. In this article, I will explore this analogy to illustrate how Tibersoft helps foodservice manufacturers extract actionable insights from their massive stores of data.


The Right Fishing Rod: User Interface and Oracle Analytics Cloud Integration

To fish effectively, you need a reliable and sturdy fishing rod. In the world of data, this translates to a user interface designed specifically to interact with your data. With a keen understanding of the foodservice industry, Tibersoft has crafted an analytical interface that simplifies data access, analysis, and visualization, customized to meet the unique needs of our customers. Foodservice manufacturing organizations are complex and have complex analytical needs. To this end, we’ve also built tools to allow manufacturers to bring their own fishing rods, such as integrating with existing business intelligence systems, or delivering critical insights directly to their inbox.


The Right Bait: Luring in the Insights That Matter

Just as choosing the right bait is crucial for successful fishing, identifying targeted use cases and clear objectives is essential for deriving value from your data. Tibersoft works closely with foodservice manufacturers to understand their unique business goals and challenges and helps them focus their analytical resources on the specific objectives that drive the most impact, such as identifying cross-selling, upselling, new sales opportunities and at-risk business.

Our Sustainable Growth Playbook contains more specific and detailed examples.


The Right Hooks: Data Mastering, Quality, Accuracy, and Timeliness

With the right rod and the right bait, fish will bite, but if your hook isn’t sharp or it’s not the right size, that fish will take your bait and dart away – your efforts and resources wasted.

In the context of foodservice data, having robust data mastering, data quality, data accuracy, and data timeliness measures in place is essential not only for ensuring that the insights derived are what they seem, but also to establish trust across your organization that your insights are reliable. Tibersoft uses a unique data management and data mastering system called OPTRADE, pulling and unifying transaction data from hundreds of sources, to ensure that foodservice manufacturers have access to accurate, timely, and high-quality data that can drive better decision-making.


The Right Boat: Professional Services and Industry Expertise

A sturdy, well-equipped boat is essential for navigation and reaching the best fishing spots. Likewise, when you make Tibersoft your insights partner, you have the right people, technology, and processes in your boat to ensure you’re casting where the best insights are.

Tibersoft’s highly skilled professional services team, with decades of foodservice industry experience and expertise, help food manufacturers integrate and adopt new technology, support organizations navigating process changes, and provide ongoing consultative services, all focused specifically on your business goals. With Tibersoft’s professional services, foodservice manufacturers are always paddling in the right direction.



Over the past 25+ years, Tibersoft has been laser focused on helping foodservice manufacturers navigate the unchartered waters of their massive data stores. With a user-friendly interface, Oracle Analytics Cloud integration, targeted use cases (our Playbook), robust data mastering and management, and dedicated professional services, we help foodservice manufacturers reel in valuable insights that drive better decision-making that results in in sustainable profitable growth.

Don’t let your data’s potential go untapped – we can help guide you to the wealth of insights hidden beneath the surface. Contact us to learn more today.