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How Conagra Keeps Their Sales Team Focused on Selling While On-The-Go

Without the stress of technology connection issues, the Sales team can now focus on what’s most important – making the best use of their valuable selling time.


For nearly a century, the global company has produced nutritious and responsible food products, in collaboration with farmers, suppliers, customers and community members. Sheldon Morgan, Director of Corporate Accounts at Conagra Foodservice, shares the company’s commitment to high- quality and safe products. With the need to do business reviews with buyers and executives on the go, Sheldon looks to Tibersoft Explore Anywhere to support him in getting his job done effectively.


Sheldon faced several challenges related to working-on-the-road, which made it difficult to make the most effective use of his time while traveling to food shows, answering sales calls, and visiting customers. Internet connection was a key issue as Wi-Fi is seldom available en route and difficult to connect to in buyer’s offices. Sheldon was unable to access and extract value from large data sets for client business reviews.


Tibersoft Explore Anywhere is a high-speed analytics tool that simplifies the trendidentifying and insight-sharing processes. With Tibersoft Explore Anywhere, Sheldon is able to access relevant information in locations where internet connection may be difficult.

The Explore Anywhere tool allows Sheldon to analyze different categories and lines of business with his buyers to discuss significant trends and determine direct vs indirect percentages with his distributors.

Sheldon Morgan, Director of Corporate Accounts, now can focus his resources on selling, and no longer stress onthe-go technology and data availability.


Once a week, Sheldon dedicates a few minutes to updating the tool’s information, which is then set for the week; saving him valuable selling time while on the road.

Explore Anywhere gives Sheldon the ability to take in and process customer sales orders while travelling. Updated customer information and order history is available for Sheldon to use while making sales calls, and evaluating future sales orders.

With Tibersoft, Sheldon can focus his resources on selling, and no longer stress on-the-go technology and data availability.

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