Excited about Auditing!

Users Weigh In On Next Generation Double Dipping Solution

Last month Tibersoft quietly shipped the next generation version of our double dipping audit solution. But all the important people knew about it – our Audit Users. We had the idea for this version quite a long time ago. Basically, we wanted layer decision making right on top of an analytics tab loaded with audit exception data. But analytics aren’t supposed to do that. They’re supposed to just allow read only access – basically to sit there and look pretty. Ask around. Try to find a big data software solution that integrates the decision making right into the same interface.

Tibersoft Welcomes Promising New Technical Talent

Tibesoft Team Photo

Seeing bright sun here in the Boston for the first time in days, the ‘New Bunch’ had lunch with Mary Wilson and I. This picture was taken outside of Tomasso - TripAdvisor’s #1 in Southborough, MA. Boston is a competitive job marketplace so we always ask new employees ‘why did you choose Tibersoft?’ The answers all themed around a sense...

Chobani: Managing Explosive Growth (video)

Chobani: Managing Explosive Growth

  Analytics is so a broad term that many think of it this way: ‘Show me what your analytics can do for me and maybe I’ll like it.’ Tibersoft was the first to bring a complete double dipping analytic solution to the market. And cumulative findings are now over $100M. But what if you’re just getting started in foodservice. Yes,...

IFMA President’s Conference Pre-Conference Event: Clean Insights

IFMA Presidents Conference 2016 - Where leaders meet

The IFMA President’s Conference, the premier event for top-to-top foodservice industry learning and exchange, is coming up again November 6-8. As a long time sponsor, we’re always looking to bring some innovation with us to Phoenix. For 2016, we worked with IFMA to create an education series happening on Sunday afternoon before the main conference. Our presentation is about applying...

Tibersoft Big Data Team Gets Stronger

Chunlin Zhang

Our Big Data development capabilities just got stronger. We'd like to welcome Chunlin Zhang to the Tibersoft Database Team as a Senior Developer. He brings deep experience in data warehouse design and implementation. Most recently he worked for Amazon Robotics Division helping the business extract insights from extremely large sets of data. Chunlin will work out of our corporate office...

Taking on the Education Segment Busy Season

Taking on the Education Segment Busy Season Blog

Every September, the OpTRADE K-12 and College and University segment becomes an accounting nightmare. School operators bring on new distributors, account numbering schemes change, new schools are built, and some districts insist on a new account ID every year. Aside from all this, foodservice contracts generally last only three years. This means that one third of all accounts are changing...

New Website Goes Live

Precise Last Mile Execution

It’s done…Punch list boxes checked…IN THE CAN! The new Tibersoft website went live this week. It is hard not to go on about how great we think it is - if only we were the audience. So I’ll summarize what we were trying to do and we’ll see what you think. UPGRADED MESSAGING: We're one-stop analytics for foodservice, PERIOD. We're...

May 2016 User Group Meeting: Precise Profitability

May 2016 User Group Meeting: Precise Profitability

A sure sign of a great meeting is feeling energized afterwards. The net positive energy might even take a few days to dissipate. Our User Group meeting had that effect for me. Most Clients and a diverse group from Tibersoft met at the Union League Club in Chicago this past May 17th and 18th. The theme of this meeting was...

Tibersoft 2016 User Group Meeting

Tibersoft Presents: Precise Profitability - Evolving TPM to Trade Promotion Intelligence

Our 2016 User Group will be held May 17th & 18th at The Union League Club of Chicago. The theme of last year’s event was ‘The Clear View’ which called out the desire for Clients to see their entire business in one place. This year’s theme, our company tagline, builds on that call to action: ‘Evolving TPM into Trade Promotion...

Measuring the Operator Verbal Order Conversion Ratio

A few months ago, Jennifer Post at the CORE Group and I were discussing CRM systems and how they relate to the foodservice channel. More specifically the idea of feeding vetted white space leads from Tibersoft to a CRM system as a sales campaign and in return, receiving sales call disposition data back into Tibersoft iQ. We started to get...

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