Build a High Performance Data-Driven Sales Organization

With the Direct Sales Module, you’ll achieve complete visibility into your sales activity for your entire team.

Direct Sales is a central reporting system and analytical tool for outbound shipments. We aggregate your sales to distributors, redistributors, and direct-ship operators all in one place – giving you visibility without the hassle.


Keep Your Sales Team Aligned and Accountable

  • Keep everyone on the same page with an easily accessible tool with frequently updated data from all of your direct sales sources.
  • View sales performance by region, distributor, or individual members of your team.

Make Strategic Decisions Based on Real-Time Trends in Sales

  • Fill product voids, measure performance, check if your product is in stock, and see growth trends.
  • Find the best and worst performing aspects of your business, so you can deploy your resources on the most important opportunities.
  • See your data as it comes in – as often as daily.
  • Tackle problems from any angle – Find insights by sales division, product category, distributor, region, and more in a few clicks.

Empower Your Entire Sales Organization to be Data Driven

  • You and your team can see your sales numbers in Explore, visualize them in a dashboard, or export to your favorite tool. Your data, your choice.
  • Give your entire team limitless access – there is no limit on the number of users or how much you use the product.
  • Access your sales data anywhere, anytime, on the road, or in the middle of a meeting – even without wifi.

Direct Sales Module Highlights:

Work Offline & On The Road

Distributor Analytics

Fill your product voids, measure performance, check if your product is in stock, see growth trends and find the best and worst performing aspects of your business.

Latest Sales Data Stored In One Place

Tackle Problems From Any Angle

Need a report by sales division? Product category? Product flavor? Distributor? Region? It’s all in your language, customized to your business needs, and available in a few clicks, instead of hours in a spreadsheet.

Reports At The Speed Of Thought

Insights How and When You Want Them

Visualize in a dashboard, crunch numbers in rows and columns, or export to your favorite tool, without waiting for manual uploads. Our automated system guarantees you’ll have up-to-date data as it comes in – as often as daily.

“We can be very prescriptive in sending our sales team out to call on operators and they know exactly where they are going and what the opportunities are. So it’s a much more effective sale.”

Lisa Favia | Director| Sales & Trade Strategy| Kellogg’s



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