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Tibersoft News

FoodTech Data Analytics Company of the Year!

Tibersoft is recognized as the 2021 AgTech Breakthrough Data Analytics Company of the Year for outstanding work in the area of Foodservice Data Analytics.

Tibersoft News

Upcoming Navigators Virtual Workshop: September 15, 2021

Get early access to new innovation – dashboarding and visualization capabilities to easily share actionable insights!

Tibersoft News

Industry Veteran’s Starter Guide to Foodservice Analytics

Foodservice veteran Tim Rech shares his four decades of industry insights and lessons to help you drive growth through data transformation even without a superhuman analyst team.

Why Tibersoft

For more than 20 years, Tibersoft has focused on every aspect of the foodservice supply chain: operator, distributor, and manufacturer. That detailed insight helps us uniquely deliver exactly what you need to thrive in a complex marketplace.

Foodservice Market Database

Tibersoft gives you access to a database of location-level operator data. It includes foodservice, C-store, military, and away from home insights. Now you can benefit from the knowledge of the entire industry.

Trade Spend Transparency

Tibersoft lets you see exactly where and how your trade dollars are being spent. Now you can quickly and easily analyze claims, identify double-dipping, and address inaccurate bill backs to increase trade promotion effectiveness.

Clear Sales Opportunities

Tibersoft helps you uncover key foodservice accounts where you are leaving opportunities on the table. Now you can see location-level ship-to data to identify specific up-sell and cross-sell potential that will increase sales productivity.

Distributor Insight

Tibersoft lets you understand the exact amount of business your distributors are bringing from contract to street. Now you can have data-driven conversations to strengthen performance.

Watch & Learn

The foodservice industry’s most powerful operator database.

Explore is your all-in-one food-service analytics tool that lets you analyze your data quickly. The OPTRADE database, powering Explore, contains millions of real product sales. It’s what drives your insights, including growth opportunities in operator business you don’t have.

Tibersoft Success Stories

Discover how we are helping the foodservice industry’s most successful companies improve their sales and trade performance.

What’s Your Challenge

Tibersoft’s depth and breadth of industry experience allows us to see the marketplace from our customers’ perspective, so we know exactly what you are up against.

We Need to Grow Sales

Producing a great product is not always enough. Getting it into the marketplace in volume is the key to success. To do that effectively, you need data-driven insights and comprehensive operator understanding.

We Need to Improve Profitability

Even with increasing sales, if your margins are slipping, so are your profits. To make sure your bottom line is the best it can be, you need to know the effectiveness of every dollar being spent.


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