Optrade ROI Calculator

With a few simple inputs, OpTrade’s ROI calculator will use your data to show you what your sales volume growth opportunity is with Tibersoft.

How it Works:

  1. Fill out the forms and select a segment and state from the drop down menus.
  2. The ROI Calculator pulls in the value of placement at an operator level based on the selected segment and state.
  3. The ROI Calculator then multiples the case volume by your average case selling cost.
  4. The ROI Calculator assumes a 5% penetration to determine the outcome.
  5. Experiment with your calculation by changing the inputs.

Calculated values are estimates, not reliable indicators of future profitability.

What Does the Number Mean?

This is the size of the prize available to you, at your fingertips within Tibersoft based on your selections.

How Can I Actually Close This Volume?

Growing where you already are today with cross selling and upselling opportunities at operator level

Sales performance assessment on those you’re already selling to

Launching and monitoring programs to grow your GPOs

Get new operators that best fit your product and business goals

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