Activate Your Sales Strategy

Backed by the foodservice industry’s only transaction-verified active operator database.

Understand your market landscape, quickly identify the best new sales opportunities, and optimize your go to market strategy according to your unique business needs.


Enhanced Visibility into the Foodservice Marketplace

  • Unparalleled Market Visibility – view the entire operator landscape.
  • View the operator lands ape from your perspective – by region, operator, GPO, distributor, segment, and more.
  • Locations are verified with real transactions, ensuring your view of the market is in sync with reality.

Get the Right Fit with Prospects

  • Size of the Prize – instantly get an idea of volume growth for every prospect.
  • For each location, you can see which GPO, operator, distributor, redistributor, or foodservice management company they do business with.
  • See locations broken out by segment. What percentage of locations in my territory are healthcare, travel & leisure, or chain restaurants?

Effectively Deploy Your Sales Resources

  • Plan new business development calls against operators that are actively purchasing. You’ll know who recently bought product.
  • Understand the size of an opportunity based on real transactions before you make the call. Don’t spend on time on locations that are too small.

OPTRADE Active Module Highlights:

Analyze Market Purchasing Activity

You’ll see the purchasing behaviors you need to know to align your distribution plans in OPTRADE Active. View the marketplace according to the way you go to market.

Transaction-Verified Active Locations

Each data point in OPTRADE Active is transaction-verified, which means that you’ll know who just bought product, how recently, how much they bought and how much they’re projected to buy over a year. Don’t waste time with outdated or incorrect hit lists.

Operator Relationships

Which GPO owns that Operator? Which distributor or redistributor do they receive product from? Who is their parent company? You can know in seconds.

“We use the speed of Tibersoft ‘in the moment’ to answer questions or to see what’s happening in the business. It’s not unusual for me to open it during meetings and give answers in real-time.”


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