Be the Expert for Your Customers

Now you can be your customer’s trusted partner, with insightful conversations that your customers crave.

See all of your business –  from warehouse to ship to location, by segment – to have complete visibility on performance.


Assess Performance to Feed Decisions

  • Know the drags and drives – Plan and pivot proactively to grow your business. Make sure the most important part of your business is protected and prioritize your resources.
  • Stop the leakage – Monitor your operator ship to’s to watch out for those who have stopped buying or volume is declining to prevent the leakage.
  • SKU rationalization – See what’s working and what’s not to keep your product portfolio in demand.
  • Sales forecasting – Quickly and effectively respond to internal sales inputs to drive financial and supply chain decisions.

Maximize Your GPO Relationships

  • Get what you paid for – Track volume commitments by Segment, Operator Ship-To, Operator Sell-To, GPO or Sub-GPO
  • Distinguish real GPO growth – Identify accounts that are actually new to you to assess if the GPO is growing your business or just taking away from another area.

Grow Your Operators

  • Cross-sell – Sell incremental volume to operators who are able and looking to grow with you, via product or category whitespace
  • Launch innovation – Know your best path to market to launch innovation into your current customers

Operator Review Module Highlights:

Location Level ‘Ship To’ Data

Location Level ‘Ship To’ Detail

Mastered and coded location IDs so you can drill into the ship-to location performance.

Identify Leading And Lagging Operator Indicators

Relationships to Go-to-Market

Grow your operators by maximizing your GPO, CMC, Distributor, and other third-party relationships effectively.

Identify Upsell & Cross Sell Opportunities

Precise and Accurate Volume

Be confident in the information you see, as it’s been de-duplicated and correctly identified for your analysis.

“We can be very prescriptive in sending our sales team out to call on operators and they know exactly where they are going and what the opportunities are.  So it’s a much more effective sale.”

Lisa Favia | Director | Sales & Trade Strategy | Kellogg’s



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